domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

Some words from a grateful heart

Tomé, Chile. (One of the places I've visited in Chile)
It's not as easy as you think to allow myself to write in english, I don't like the idea of having public mistakes, but this time the idea of sharing these lines is stronger than my perfectionism.

It's almost Christmas time, and as the days go by I keep remembering what I was doing these days last year. It's not the first time that it happens to me, but it's fun that I can actually know where I was just knowing the month and number of the day, that makes me think maybe planning works. (I know it does, thanks Norway for the practical planning lessons :))

Those moments I lived are now precious memories that I treasure. The walks, the meetings, those invitations to spend time in houses and helping doing something were really special to me, I didn't know how valuable hospitality was until it was shown to me when I needed it.

It's hard to summarize everything I learnt, and I don't pretend to do it, but if I were to choose the best thing I got from this experience and what I'm more thankful about, then I have to say for sure that it's people. And I mean 'people' in the deepest possible way. 

I keep in my heart all the friendships, they taught me as I spent time with them, that no matter the differences we may have, we have a lot more in common and we could share in a deeper way if we wanted to. So, friendship is not only something that happens, it's something you work on to make it happen. 
Being vulnerable can be risky, but it's part of loving. My heart feels warmer now that I give more of myself in building friendships.

Some experiences in life are strong enough to change the future, because the choices that will be made after that will be different than the ones you would have chosen otherwise. 

I can say for sure that what I'm doing now is different than what I would have been doing if I didn't go to Norway.

Every time I realize I'm doing something that I wouldn't have done before, I know that I have grown, and it feels really, really good. To be able to do something you didn't know you were able to do is great, life is what happens when you decide to walk a step away from your comfort zone and see what you find beyond. 

2013 is almost gone, and I'm absolutely thankful to God for the places he allowed me to be at during this year, for each one of the experiences that has enriched my perspective and for all the people I've met. I know my future is secure in his hands.

Merry Christmas and a super blessed 2014 for all of you. :)

(There are many many more things I could say about this year and my thanksgiving list would be really long, but I just wanted to share a little part of that here)

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